International Taxation

In an increasingly internationalised finance setting, cross-border transactions are becoming more and more frequent. At 3a Global we are aware of the complex challenges such business undertakings face in terms of taxation. For this reason, we involve teams of tax professionals from our various international member firms to collaborate on behalf of our client network. Their thorough and updated expertise in local tax regulations of specific jurisdictions will enable them to cooperate on providing tailored practical advice and direction for clients seeking to ensure seamless tax compliance for their cross-border business dealings.

All this is done to ensure that internationally active businesses thrive within a growing competitive global context in a tax-efficient and tax-compliant manner. Among the international taxation-related services offered to clients by 3a Global member firms, are:

      1. Inbound & outbound structuring
      2. Management of intellectual property and intangible assets
      3. Tax-efficient supply chain and shared services
      4. Regional tax issues such as EU tax harmonisation
      5. Income tax treaties
      6. Credit management and planning
      7. Cross-border financing and treasury solutions
      8. Business models
      9. Indirect tax
      10. Cross-border cash planning such as currency issues
      11. Tax-efficient holding company locations
      12. Customs and trade
      13. Transfer pricing
      14. Controlled foreign companies tax planning
      15. Profit repatriation and loss utilisation