- The emergence of 3a Global

Succeeding as a provider of accountancy and other related services in an increasingly globalised business scenario entails wider representation beyond one’s own national or regional borders. In this essentially globalised market setting, corporate service firms worldwide are acknowledging the strengthening structure and exposure that a networking body can provide to their operation.

3a Global offers a widely extensive structure to accommodate clients, and facilitates their transactions through its network affiliates. In order to maximise outcome, the network offers its members cross-border facilities such as a cutting edge IT infrastructure, providing privileged access to network resources which are required within an international business context for seamless and effective dealings.

In today’s ever changing economic world, where all business is open to global influences and opportunities, 3a has distinguished itself as a relatively young and vibrant firm which has set an example in its sector in terms of initiative, professionalism and a strong entrepreneurial drive.

Riding on the success of Malta’s expanding finance and ICT services centre, what started as a local group of young business analysts and accountants in a management buyout less than 10 years ago, has emerged as a highly esteemed, professional services firm handling some of the islands most successful, creative and visionary businesses. 


-Thinking of joining 3a Global?

Joining 3a Global as a member carries several readily available and accessible benefits. There are two types of network memberships, namely the Associate 3a Membership and the Full 3a Membership, which are open to applicants from a number of professional fields. Upon application, rigorous assessment is carried out in order to ascertain that an applicant firm satisfies membership criteria. Once a member, an organisation can start enjoying the array of advantages that this affiliation offers. Read more


- The institution of 3a Global

3a Global Network is an association set-up and registered in Malta in accordance with the Second Schedule of the Malta Civil Code. It is set up as a separate and distinct entity with the scope to act as the network co-ordinator of the 3a Global Network. The Association is the body that manages and administers the 3a network of firms and it shall at all times act for the common good of the network and the network partners, which network partners shall, if endorsed, become members of this Association.


The Association does not have a profit generation motive but may collect funds, being the yearly membership fee of each member and any other funds generated from activities organised by the association and its members. In virtue of its non-profit motive, the Association shall utilise any excess funds that it has in order to further the 3a network’s knowledge base and competences and also work on promoting better network integration of its members. It shall also focus on creating business opportunities with third parties through the various initiatives undertaken.


The Association is administered by a ‘Board of Administration’ together with a management structure that is answerable to the Board of Administration. The Association’s administrative and operational structures shall seek to enhance better network integration and shall undertake to organise initiatives deemed necessary such as seminars and conferences for its members.


The Association shall be the forum wherein all the member firms of the 3a network meet to promote and enhance the collaboration within the network. Every member shall pay a yearly fee to the Association and shall undertake to act within the parameters stipulated within the ‘deed of adherence’.


The registered address of the Association shall be ‘Level 2, Palazzo CA’ Brugnera, Valley Road, Birkirkara, Malta (EU).