• Commitment to Quality and Consistency

3a Global conducts a rigorous selection process as well as the continuous monitoring of existent member firms in order to ensure that the level of service is of an excellent and equal standard across the board and over time.

  • Creating Business Opportunities

The 3a Global Network is a non-profit association which seeks to further its knowledge base and competences in order to benefit and promote better integration of its affiliates. At 3a Global we are dedicated to helping members create business opportunities with third parties through the various initiatives undertaken. Through its administrative and operational structures, 3a Global aims to enhance network integration and collaboration, with activities such as seminars and other events being organised for this purpose.

  • Ongoing Evolution

In order to ensure that our affiliates continue to enjoy advantageous membership benefits, at 3a Global we keep abreast of the latest technologies and provide an online network infrastructure and knowledge share base that match the standard of our service provision.