Aiming to maintain a standard approach to ensure quality service offering across the board, the administrative body behind the 3a Global network has adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) model.

The QMS operates on the key principles of quality management, particularly Customer Focus, the Process Approach, Involvement of People and Continual Improvement – which complement 3a Global’s core values of Customer Benefit, Commitment to Employees, Ethics & Integrity and Social Responsibility.

The customer-centricity of this model reflects 3a Global’s main consideration across all of its operational processes and support activities. 3a Global aims to understand and subsequently meet its clients’ requirements through the implementation of systems and processes according to best practices and ongoing effectiveness monitoring.

The QMS Model enables 3a Global to remain at the forefront of technological, management and operational excellence. Amalgamating models such as the ISO9001 standard and the Business Excellence Model, the QMS assures customers of a system that exercises rigorous and disciplined compliance to prescribed requirements and frameworks while simultaneously targeting a variety of business and quality outcomes through its network resources and enablers.

In this way 3a Global ensures both consistency and improved excellence across the network included in its operations. In this regard there are systematically developed documented procedures for each critical process and an associated performance measurement system to identify opportunities for improvement.